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The BODYCARE Dispenser

Welcome to SEA ANGEL COSMETICS company profile. We have over 12 years of experience in the hospitality business and our team have been providing extraordinary products and services to international hospitality group. We are also the leading force in developing and bringing new and innovative services to the market.


The BODYCARE DISPENSER is the NEW concept for Hotels and Homes.The BODYCARE DISPENSER is the original design from GERMANY. The design is greatly egonomical with aesthetic appeal and functional designing for high efficiency usage that brings you 100% good value.

Patented Valve: The BODYCARE DISPENSER is specially design for the luxury hotels and homes with its GUARANTEED non-drip, economical and low wear & tear valve - Zellvalve. Again another original design concept!

Handling: The BODYCARE DISPENSER is easy to handle and replace. Gently pressing the two side of the bottle is sufficient for an ideal dosage. No tools or gadgets needed for replacing the bottle onto the wall-mounted bracket which also comes in-build with a anti-vandalising system.

Wall-Bracket: The wall-bracket is made of durable plastic that can be screwed in or self-adhesive conveniently (surface fixing provided). The wall-bracket is designed with variable mounting positions and with a large contact surface for easy adhesion.

The BODYCARE DISPENSER comes with the SEA ANGEL COSMETICS haircare and bodycare products. You can choose from our special formula Luxurious Mild SA 2-1 Hair and Body Gel and our Gentle SA Liquid Cream Soap. SEA ANGEL COSMETICS line of bodycare products are PH balanced to care for your well-being. All products are carefully prepared and produced in GERMANY.

SEA ANGEL COSMETICS cares for your body......

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